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Kitchen Remodel

My kitchen was one thing I had wanted to change since I moved into my house THREE YEARS AGO! I patiently waited for the right time as I was changing careers and wanted to be wise with my spending. The time finally came and I LOVE how it turned out.

The best part about waiting was that my plans evolved and I got a better end result than I would have had I done this three years ago. Had this been done when I first wanted to do it, I would have left the wall up, which I think adds the best change by opening the space. I also would have most likely left the cabinets and a good friend suggested raising them and adding the open shelf. This is one of my favorite elements of this kitchen.

A friend once told me when he moved into his house that he wished he'd have waited on some of the changes he did right at the beginning, because after living there he would have picked a few different things after leaning the functionality of the house more. I think I could say the same on this one.

So here it is. This was the beginning, middle and just about final results. I still have a little bit of touch up paint and bar stools to add. I LOVE IT!

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