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Deconstruct Your Fears

Whether you're buying a home, starting a new business, or working on a new goal it can all come with some fear.

The home buying process can certainly bring up a lot of fear. There are expectations from not only by yourself, but others. Especially for those that have been through the crash and have lost their homes. It can be scary to buy again. This process can help you deconstruct your fears, look at them squarely and make a plan if worst case scenario happens.

Face your Fears!

Questions to think about:

  • What is the theme of your biggest fears? Financial loss or hardship, embarrassment, disapproval or judgement from others, physical injury?

  • What will happen if you precede with a thought out, disciplined plan of action?

  • What will happen if you decide not to precede at all? Is there any risk in taking no action?

Basic ideas from this video come from Acton Foundation for Entrepreneurial Excellence

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